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Baron Peter von Zschinsky C.E.O. of A.V.I.D can provide your JET
aircraft with the VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR. The dream luxury interior
design quality that is associated with VIP aircraft.

A.V.I.D. provides a vision of craftsmanship, quality and service.

A place where success is orchestrated down to the last detail and dreams turn skyward to find new heights and limits.

Baron Peter von Zschinsky leads the A.V.I.D. team of expertise
that will provide your aircraft with a VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR to
the highest VIP-Royal standards.

A.V.I.D. provides a totally discreet professional service from initial
client consultation to acquisitation negotiations. Our full-service professional, interior-design know-how for both new and pre-owned premium long-range jets is at your service.

Baron Peter von Zschinsky, is the aviation innovator of the
VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR design. Leading his expert A.V.I.D.
personnel, Baron von Zschinsky will assume complete design responsibility for each project attendance and project management.
A.V.I.D. Aviation VIP Interior Design services include:-

· Complete VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR planning

· Mock-up planning, 2D-and 3D-CAD-works, visualisation and animation

· Development of prototypes and modular systems in the VIP aircraft are

A.V.I.D. are able to supply the VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR luxury

concept for the Flying Palace in the following JET aircraft:-


Boeing 727-100


Challenger 601-3A

Falcon 50

Gulfsteam IV

Hawker 800A

Lear 60

TO CONTACT A.V.I.D - Baron Peter Von Zschinsky
for details on the luxury VIP-ROYAL INTERIOR for
your jet aircraft:-

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Mobil: 0049 173-8537513

Email - Info@aviation-VIP-interior-design.com

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Baron Peter Von Zschinsky

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